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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Tag & My first tutorial ever

I am using the art of Barbara Jensen - http://www.eroticartistgallery.com/
Do not use the same tube I have unless you have a valid licence.
The versatile, vibrant and stunning scrapkit is created by QueenBrat Designs.
You can find this stunning kit on QueenBrat's blog HERE
This Tutorial was written by me. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own. Everyone is welcome to try my tutorial and I am proud that you would want to try them. If you want to post my tuts in your PSP Groups, please post a text link back to this site.
Thank You.
The overlay I used you can d'load HERE

Open 600 x 600 canvas flood fill with white. Select all. Paste QBD paper 04.
New layer, selections select all, selection modify contract by 15. Copy and paste QBD paper 08. Set opacity to luminance.
New layer, selections select all, selctionn modify contract by 25. Copy and paste QBD matt 06. Set opacity to burn.
The choice on your paper layers is whether you would like to leave them as they are, rotate them, add a mask or two. Play around and come up with an effect you like.
New layer, copy and paste QBD bracket mat 04. Resize by 65% weighted averaged, sharpen image once. Effects, edge effects, enhance more. Move up slightly to sit just below matt 06. Set opacity to screen.
Open QBD glittered swirl color of choice, resize 65%, weighted average, sharpen image once. Place where desired. I used glitteredswirl 01. Duplicate swirl. Set bottom swirl layer to opacity overlay, then set top swirl layer to opacity hard light.
Copy and paste QBD glittered swirl 01 again, resize 30%, weighted average, sharpen image once. Place where desired. Duplicate swirl 3 times. You should now have 4 layers of smaller swirl.
Place 2 layer together, where you wish. Repeat opacity layers as on large glittered swirl. (Set bottom swirl layer to opacity overlay, then set top swirl layer to opacity hard light). I mirrored 2 layers and set them to the left of tube layer, the other 2 I set in the right hand top corner, see my tag as a guide.
Open QBD moon of choice, I used moon 01. Resize 25%, weighted average, sharpen image once. I mirrored the moon, then rotated 14 degrees left. You can place it where you prefer.
Duplicate moon, once again, opacity on lower layer set to overlay, top layer to hard light.
Paste your tube of choice, resize to fit. Place tube where best suits your tag. Duplicate tube if desired. Go to MuRa Meister Copies. Settings: Feedback Linear, Line, Tilemode, Behind. 6, 79, -64, 0, 0, 100, 76. OK. Set opacity of this layer to around 40. Dropshadow on tube - V-3, H-13, Opacity-50, Blur-15.
Now open one each of QBD stars 01, 02, 03. Resize 35%, weighted average, sharpen images once. Effects, edge effects, enhance. Place them where desired.
Open QBD wrap 06, or color of choice. Duplicate, mirror. Merge down. I used my deform tool to squish the wrap a little so it wasn't so 'fat'. Sharpen twice.
Copy and paste QBD bow 04. Resize 40%, weighted average, sharpen once. Copy and paste QBD brad 01, resize 40%, sharpen once, and place over knot on bow 04. Merge down.
Place bow over center of wap 06.
Copy and paste QBD paper clip 02, resize 60%, sharpen once. Place over wrap 06 to the leftish... see tag... zoom in, lower the opacity of the paper clip (around 60), so that you can see the wrap underneath, using lasso tool, feather 0, point to point, outline inner part of clip, and hit delete. Raise opacity back to 100%. Duplicate paper clip and mirror.
Open word art 01, resize 40%, shapren, then sharpen more. Place where desired. Grab your lasso tool again, point to point, feather 0. Carefully cut around "The Stars". While marching ants are running, right click on layer palette and promote selection to layer. Do NOT deselect. Click on original text layer and hit delete. Now you should have 2 text layers. You can fiddle with their placement, see my tag as a guide.
Duplicate original text layer. Highlight bottom layer. Using Eye Candy 3 glow. Settings: Width - 8, Opacity - 60, Dropoff - Fat, color - white. On top layer, add drop shadow of choice. Settings I used: V & H - 3, Opacity - 50, Blur - 3, Color - #b49d6f. I then lowered the opacity to 76, and then set the opacity of the top layer to multiply. Repeat this process to The Stars text, except the last step, set the opacity of the top layer to overlay.
The drop shadow I used on all elements is: V & H - 3, opacity - 50, blur 8. Use the settings that suit your tag best.
Nearly there. I added a picture frame to finish off the tag. Edge brush 04. Select all, float, defloat. Add new layer, then copy and paste overlay into selection. Select none. Add drop shadow of choice to frame layer if desired.
Add artist copyright layer. Your tagger layer,
and please give thanks to the scrapper.

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