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Friday, December 5, 2008

Poodle Doodles Scrap Kit by Jill

This tutorial was created December 4th. Any resemblance to other online tutorials is purely coincidence. ©Willowhoop

This tutorial was written using PSP 9, but can be done in other versions

~ Supplies used~
For this tutorial you will need the following:
PSP (I used 9 but any version should work)
If you wish to purchase the Poodle Doodles kit
you can visit Jill's blog HERE
No outside filters needed
A tube of your choice.
I'm using the gorgeous art of Archie Dickens. If you wish
to use his artwork you will need to purchase a licence from CILM
D'load supplies HERE
Open all tubes and masks, duplicate and close originals.
Ok... lets get this tag underway...
Open a new canvas 650 x 550. Flood fill with white.
Add a new raster layer : select all, contract by 25%.
Copy and paste into selection PD paper 17 or paper of choice.
Load mask : 0mask046_LT, merge group, resize 95%, sharpen.
Lower opacity to around 72, then mirror.

Add new raster layer : select all, contract by 30.
Copy and paste into selection PD paper 14 or paper of choice
Load mask : BflyFlbyMask, merge group.

Effects: edge effects: enhance.
Drag Bfly mask down a little. Depending on the tube you use.
Add drop shadow of choice (I used V H 3, 60, 8)
Add tube of choice and position where you prefer, or refer to my tag.

Choose framebow wrap, I used framebow wrap2.
Resize by 72%, sharpen, then using the deform tool, stretch and shape to fit. Position using my tag as a guide.

Copy and past Doodle butterfly 1, drag layer under framebow wrap layer. Position using my tag as a guide.

Copy and paste PD Glasses, resize 45%, sharpen.
Move down to bottom right corner. Image, free rotate 25% left.

Copy and paste PD Tag3 or tag of choice.
Resize 55%, free rotate 18% left, sharpen.
Move tag to top left corner of Bfly mask... see my tag for position, or choose position of choice.

Copy and paste silver paw prints, resize 80%. Sharpen 2x.
Position at top of tag, just touching so as to look like
they are holding tag in place.

Copy and paste Bow 4. Resize 25%.
Sharpen and place at top left side of tag.

Copy and paste button of choice.
Resize 45%. Sharpen. See my tag for positioning.

Copy and paste flower 4. Resize 35%, sharpen.
Place flower 4 under button.

Copy and paste lips. Resize to your liking. Rotate by 25%, if desired.
Sharpen. Duplicate lips.
On lower lips layer change blend mode to Luminance.
On upper lip layer change blend mode to burn and lower opacity to around 72.
This step is optional, you could add a flower or any other accent of choice from the kit.

Copy and paste Eiffel Tower. Resize 45%, sharpen. Optional - add inner bevel. Setting I used are included in supplies.
Drop shadow on elements = 3, 3, 50, 5 (note: add drop shadow to bottom layer of lips only).
Drop shadow on tube = -3, 6, 65, 10
Close off white background layer... merge visible. Crop image. Merge visible.

Resize, all layers checked = resolution 72.000 pixels per inch, 88%.
Add copyright layers and your tagger logo.

Add your name, I used font MA Sexy size 55. The same bevel setting as the Eiffel Tower and drop shadow 3, 3, 50, 5.

Save and you're done.
Thank You for trying my 2nd ever tut.


VooDoo said...

Awesome Willow! thanks for sharing with us :)

deeniem56 said...

I think it's a great tag and tut!! One would think you were an oldhand at this lol Excellent job :)