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Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Kit - Broken Wings by Tamara of Just a Girl designs.
If you wish to purchase this kit you can do so HERE
Image - Olivia, if you wish to use this image please purchase
a licence from CILM
Open 600 x 600 canvas, flood fill with white.

Copy and paste Lace Border as new layer. Make a frame using this border, cut off corners to suit. I've supplied an example.

Copy and paste wrap 2, using deform tool, angle and size the wrap to fit in the bottom left corner, sharpen. Using magic wand, feather 0, highlight frame layer, select inside the frame, invert and delete removing any of the wrap extending outside the frame.

Add a drop shadow, making sure you have checked 'on new layer'. On the drop shadow layer, grab your lasso tool, feather 2 and about 5-10 pixels inside the outer edge draw your marching ants, delete. Select none. This will take away the shadow from the main frame leaving it clear, but still giving it a shadow effect on the edge. Merge down.

Grab your magic wand once more, selections expand by 2. Click inside your frame layer once more. Add a new layer, copy and paste paper of choice into selection. Deselect. Rename Fill. I used Background 2.

Copy and paste tear drops as new layer, resize 90%, sharpen. Using my tag as a reference or place them where you desire.

Copy and paste ink splots as a new layer, drag underneath fill layer. I fiddled with mine. Resize 90%, sharpen.

Copy and paste doodle, resize 85%, sharpen. Flip. Duplicate, mirror and flip.

Copy and paste Tube over frame layer, under ribbon wrap. Lower the opacity of the tube layer until you can see the frame clearly enough and using your lasso tool, feather 0, follow the frame layer around where the lower part of the tube overlaps the frame... join the ends of your marching ants outside the tube layer, and delete. Select none. See my tag for reference.

Add elements of choice and your drop shadows.

Add a new layer, select all. Copy and paste paper of choice into selection, select none. Using mask supplied, or one of your choice, apply to this layer, merge group.


If you wish to finish your tag here, merge visible, resize all layers to preferred tag size. Remember to Add your copyright and tag layers.


If you wish to animate do not merge.


Using freehand lasso, feather 1 draw a rough flame, see preview of what I did.
Duplicate candle 2 times, so that you have 3 layers.
Rename them flame 1, flame 2, flame 3.

On Flame 1 layer apply -Open EC 5 nature - Flame Settings:
Small Flame in the WindDirecton: 76

Column Length: 68.07

Flame width: 65

Expansion: -6

Waver: 19

Turbulence: 53

Flame Intensity: 100

Soften Edges: 40

Check start from bottom

Random seed: 0

Highlight Flame 2, using EC 5 nature, hit random seed once okay.
Highlight Flame 3, using EC 5 nature, hit random seed once okay.

Select none.


Highlight tear drop layer, duplicate 2 times, giving you 3 layers.
Rename tears 1, tears 2, tears 3.

On tears 1 layer, go to DSB Flux: Bright Noise. Intensity 55, hit mix once.
On tears 2 layer, DSB flux again hit mix twice.
On tears 3 layer, DSB flux, hit mix 3 times.


Repeat this complete procedure on your doodles layer.


Close off layers Flame 2, Flame 3. Tears 2, Tears 3. Doodles 2, Doodles 3.


You may now resize all layers to preferred tag size. Add your copyright and tag layers.
Copy merged into animation shop.
Close all layers numbered 1 and open layers numbered 2, edit, copy merged into animation shop, edit, paste after current frame.
Close layers 2 and open all layers numbered 3, edit, copy merged into animation shop, edit, paste after current frame.
In AS select layer one, edit select all, and if happy got to file, optimize, then save as.
Add your name.
Thank You for trying my tut... hugz Willow

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