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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm using the beautiful artwork of Barbara Jensen. You can purchase her artwork HERE
Fabulous Scrapkit by Toni "Cattitude". You can purchase this kit HERE
Drop shadows of choice
Remember that a tut is only a guide, feel free to experiment and make the end result your own.

Open 600 x 600 new canvas, flood fill with white.Copy and paste as new layer, paper of choice. If you are using the same kit as I am, I used paper 04-CAT-TS. Apply your mask.

Copy and paste frame of choice, I used Frame 02-CAT-TS. Resize 75%, or size to suit.Sharpen. Using your magic wand, select inside each section of your frame, make sure you get the little bits inside the ribbon. Selections, modify, expand by 3. Add a new layer, drag it underneath your frame layer. Using the same paper you used for your mask, or one of choice, paste paper into selection. Do not deselect. Paste your tube, image rotate 90 degrees left. Selections invert, delete. Select none.

Copy and paste charm of choice, I used Charm 02-CAT-TS. Position over knot of ribbon on frame. Roughly centered. Using lasso tool, delete centre section of ring on charm. See my tag for reference.

Copy and paste clip of choice, I used Clip 02-CAT-TS, resize 35%, sharpen. Duplicate, mirror. Using your deform tool, line up clips with your frame.

Copy and paste ribbon of choice, I used Ribbon 02-CAT-TS. In the drop down menu where the deform tool is you will see your warp mesh tool, select it. The clips need the ribbon to be pulled around a little so that it appears to be going thru the holes on the clips. Activate the ribbon layer. Push and pull the nodes of the warp mesh tool until you are happy that the ribbon lines up with the holes on clips. On the presets toolbar, next to the drop down preset box you will see a tick, click it. This will set the warped ribbon. Grap your lasso tool again, select and cut the bits of ribbon away so that it looks like the ribbon is passing thru the holes. See my tag for reference. Select none. Add a dropshadow to the charm, clips, ribbon, frame and tube. Close off your mask and white layer. Merge visible.

Reopen your mask and white layer. Add your tube, and give her a dropshadow. Place her where you like.

I added purse 01, resized 65%, sharpen. Then added button 02, resized 15%, sharpen and placed it on the purse. I then added shoe 01, resized 35%, sharpen. Duplicate, rotate by 30 degrees left, sharpen. Line the shoes up as you prefer. Copy and paste necklace 02, resize 35%, sharpen. Using your deform tool, position them over the shoes. Grab your lasso again, and using my tag as a reference cut away peices of the necklace so it appears to drape over the shoes. I gave it a deeper dropshadow to give the necklace height.

Copy and past belt 02 drag it down on top of the mask layer. Using deform tool stretch and squish until you are happy with sizing and fit. Lower the opacity so that you can see the mask layer thru the belt and using your lasso, cut away overlapping bit of the belt so that it fits to the inner circle edge of the mask layer, see my tag for reference. I left the belt opacity at 64%.

Add a drop shadow to your purse, button, shoes, necklace and belt. I added a 0, 0, 50, 10 - color #462022 dropshadow to the mask layer, you can do so if you wish.

Crop and resize tag. (remember your resolution settings, to comply with PTU artist TOU).

Add your copyright and tagger layer, and you're done.

Well done, and thank you for trying my tut. I'd love to see your results if you wish to send them on to me.

Hugz, Willow

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