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Thursday, January 15, 2009


This tutorial was created January 14th 2009. Any resemblance to other online tutorial is purely coincidental. ©Willowhoop

~ Supplies used~
For this tutorial you will need the following:

This tutorial was written using PSP 9, should work just as well with other versions of PSP.

I used the beautiful kit by Lena you can visit her blog HERE
You can purchase the 'Everlasting Love' kit HERE

A tube of your choice.

I'm using the gorgeous art of Ida Larsen. If you wish to use her beautiful artwork you will need to purchase a licence from MYPSPTUBES
D'load MASK
Open all tubes and mask, duplicate and close originals.
Open new 600 x 600 canvas, flood fill with white
Copy and past frame 13 as new layer. Rotate 90 degrees right & resize 75%. Sharpen.

New layer, select all. Copy & paste paper of choice (I used paper 09), into selection. Select none. We'll come back to this layer.

Highlight frame layer, click inside frame with magic wand, tolerance 0. Selection, modify, expand by 6.
New layer, copy & paste paper of choice (I used paper 12), into selection, select none. Blend mode, change layer to Burn.

Copy and paste wrap of choice (I used wrap 02), resize 45%. Using deform tool twist and stretch a little to fit first frame (see my tag for reference). Sharpen.
Copy and paste button of choice. Resize 45%, sharpen. Place over knot on wrap.

Copy and paste fastner, resize 50%, sharpen. Position faster where preferred. Duplicate, mirror, flip. Merge down.

Copy and paste Paper roll as new layer. Resize 30%, rotate left 30 degrees, sharpen. Move to bottom right of frame.

Copy and paste feather of choice (I used feathers 01 and 03). Resize one feather 45%. Sharpen. Resize second feather 55%, sharpen. Position as desired.

Copy and paste Lillies of choice between the two feathers. Resize Lillies 40%, sharpen.

Copy and paste letter 02, resize 20%, sharpen... move to bottom right of frame, see my tag for reference.
Copy and paste journalling element, over envelope. Resize 25%, sharpen.

Copy and Paste pen of choice as new layer over envelope. Resize 25%, rotate 65% right, sharpen.

Copy and paste frame 14 (hearts). Resize 20%. Move to upper left corner of frame. Rotate 30% right, sharpen.

You can add an image inside the hearts if you like or floaties, be creative... using magic wand, select inside one heart, expand by 2. Copy and paste image, place where you wish. Selections, invert, delete. Lower the opacity to around 65-70. Repeat for the second heart.
I added rope 01. Resized 45%, sharpen and drag below image layer. Using lasso remove the loop off the rope, leaving the knot and laces.

Copy and paste butterfly of choice. Resize 25%, rotate 20% left, sharpen 2x. Position where you prefer.

Now add drop shadows of choice on all layers.
All layers but Tube: Drop shadow 4,4,50,6 Black
Tube: 3,8,55,8 Black

Remembering the first paper layer. Highlight and use mask of choice. I used WynterMask-070408, which I have attached for you. Merge group.
Crop image. Merge visible.
Add copyright and tagger layers.
... you're done.
I'd love to see your results please, you're welcome to email them to me.
Thank You for trying my tut. If you have any questions or problems please contact me, I'm happy to help out where I am able.

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