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Friday, February 20, 2009

I have been challenged by Jacki of http://moonbeamskitsandkaboodles.blogspot.com/.

The challenge was to go to My Pictures folder on my computer and go to the 6th folder and choose the 6th photograph.

Are you ready for this???? Are you sure????

LMBO... I was having some fun with my new webcam... yep, thats me!!!!

Now I have to find 6 people... hmmm

Muriel - http://muriels-scrapbits.blogspot.com/

Jill - http://created-by-jill.blogspot.com/

Star - http://stargazer-musings.blogspot.com/

Bluey - http://bluedreamdesigns.blogspot.com/

Sabre - http://sabresquillandparchment.blogspot.com/


My sweet online sister Star http://stargazer-musings.blogspot.com/ has gifted me with my very first award... thankee thankee sis, I'm just so chuffed.
The Rules:

The Premio Dardos award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.

The rules are:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to other 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Ok, lets see if i can find 15 blogs to send this to.

Vintage Blue - BabyCakes Scrap kit

Artwork Zindy S. D. Nielsen please do not use any of Zindy's PTU tubes unless you have purchased a licence to do so. You can find her tubes HERE
ScrapKit by BabyCakes Designs Vintage in Blue, you can purchase this kit at Aussie Scraps
SUPPLIES: Mask Beckymask022 & resolution settings: HERE
I'm not supplying any drop shadow settngs, I find drop shadows to be a personal choice, depending on the tube and elements one uses. Remember that any tut is but a guide, so play around and have some fun with your blend modes and different settings, maybe even some filters. There are so many things we taggers can use and do to make a tag individually our own.

Open 600 x 600 new canvas. Floodfill with white.New raster layer, selections, select all. Copy and paste bcs cream paper, or paper of choice, into selection. Select none.
Apply Beckymask022. Delete mask, merge mask layer. Rename layer mask.
Copy and paste bcs flourish frame, or frame of choice, as new layer. Resize by 55%, or to fit canvas, sharpen.
Copy and paste, bcs blue feather as new layer. Copy and paste bcs ecru feather as new layer. Copy and paste bcs blue lace fold as new layer, resize by 20%, sharpen.
Copy and paste bcs glitter rose blue and bcs glitter rose ecru, resize to suit and position to suit, or use my tag as a reference.
Copy and paste bcs cu doodle 2 & 3, resize to suit. I chopped off the long stem. Fiddle with these until you are happy with positioning, or use my tag for reference.
Copy and paste bcs journal. Resize 22%, or to suit. Image, rotate, free rotate 30% right. Sharpen. If you like, using your lasso tool, feather 0, cut in around the picture. Hit delete when you feel you have got it all. Do not deselect. Add a new raster layer, copy and paste your tube into selection. Add a new layer, copy and paste a paper of choice into selection. Select none. Drag the tube and paper layers below the journal. Add a ribbon and ornament of choice. I used bcs glitter bow and bcs old key.
Then I added bcs cream fan. Resized by 10%. I used the fan as a hair clip.Add any elements that you like, have fun.
Thanks for trying my tut, and good luck,
I'd love to see your results.
Hugz, Willow

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Artwork: David Nestler. If you wish to use this artwork, please purchase a licence from CILM
Scrapkit: CV Urban Retro by Captivated Visions purchased from HERE
Thank You Rachel... I had so much fun working with this kit.
Filter: Flaming Pear Ghost - Scroll down to Free Plugins HERE
Open 600 x 600 new canvas, floodfill with white.Open masks and previews in PSP, shift D to duplicate, close originals, and minimize. Open font and minimize.

New layer, select all. Copy and paste CV paper 20, or paper of choice into selection. Select none. Duplicate paper twice, so that you have 3 layers. Highlight layer one, apply dmsk00074, merge group. Lower opacity to around 76%. On paper layer 2, apply 112-Kris mask, merge group. On last paper layer apply tag301252Detc mask, merge group. You now have 3 mask layers.

Copy and paste CV Urban Building 04, or color of choice. Set blend mode to overlay.

Copy and paste CV Element 08, or color of choice. Duplicate. Set original layer to overlay, and duplicate layer to dissolve. Lower the opacity of the dissolved layer to around 60%.

Highlight your building layer. Using your lasso tool, freehand, feather around 20, cut a shape similar to that of element 08. Hit delete once. This will just remove the hard edge of the building. If your tube has a hard edge, you can do this to the tube as well, so that it all blends in to your liking.

Open CV Element 05. Use Flaming Pear Ghost on this element, it will remove the white. Copy and paste element 05 as a new layer. Using your lasso tool, cut the closest pole from the smaller two... see element 05 preview in supplies. Resize the small two posts around 80%. Sharpen.Copy and paste your tube. Now drag the single pole out to the right of the tube, so that it makes the poles look inperspective. Lower the opacity of poles to around 80%.

Add some dropshadows to your heart mask, building, poles and tube.

Copy and paste CV Element 22. Drag it to the lower left corner of your canvas. See my tag for reference. Duplicate. On original layer change the blend mode to hard light and lower the opacity to around 20%. On duplicate layer set blend mode to overlay. Add a drop shadow to both layers.

Copy and paste CV Element 19. Drag down to bottom center of canvas, keeping it above the tube layer. Set the blend mode to burn and lower the opacity to around 74%.

Now you can add some other elements of choice to your tag. Experiment with the blend modes and have some fun.

Once happy with your tag, merge visible. I've provided your resolution settings in the supplies. TOU for PTU artists require these settings, please use them. Resize your tag, add your artist and tagger layers. If your canvas is currently 600 x 600 and you use the resolution settings, resize by 83%. You'll find your tag is close to 500 x 500, or rather just under. Sharpen once.

Save your template. Add your name and you're done.
Congratulations & thank you for trying my tut.
Hugz, Willow