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Friday, February 20, 2009

Vintage Blue - BabyCakes Scrap kit

Artwork Zindy S. D. Nielsen please do not use any of Zindy's PTU tubes unless you have purchased a licence to do so. You can find her tubes HERE
ScrapKit by BabyCakes Designs Vintage in Blue, you can purchase this kit at Aussie Scraps
SUPPLIES: Mask Beckymask022 & resolution settings: HERE
I'm not supplying any drop shadow settngs, I find drop shadows to be a personal choice, depending on the tube and elements one uses. Remember that any tut is but a guide, so play around and have some fun with your blend modes and different settings, maybe even some filters. There are so many things we taggers can use and do to make a tag individually our own.

Open 600 x 600 new canvas. Floodfill with white.New raster layer, selections, select all. Copy and paste bcs cream paper, or paper of choice, into selection. Select none.
Apply Beckymask022. Delete mask, merge mask layer. Rename layer mask.
Copy and paste bcs flourish frame, or frame of choice, as new layer. Resize by 55%, or to fit canvas, sharpen.
Copy and paste, bcs blue feather as new layer. Copy and paste bcs ecru feather as new layer. Copy and paste bcs blue lace fold as new layer, resize by 20%, sharpen.
Copy and paste bcs glitter rose blue and bcs glitter rose ecru, resize to suit and position to suit, or use my tag as a reference.
Copy and paste bcs cu doodle 2 & 3, resize to suit. I chopped off the long stem. Fiddle with these until you are happy with positioning, or use my tag for reference.
Copy and paste bcs journal. Resize 22%, or to suit. Image, rotate, free rotate 30% right. Sharpen. If you like, using your lasso tool, feather 0, cut in around the picture. Hit delete when you feel you have got it all. Do not deselect. Add a new raster layer, copy and paste your tube into selection. Add a new layer, copy and paste a paper of choice into selection. Select none. Drag the tube and paper layers below the journal. Add a ribbon and ornament of choice. I used bcs glitter bow and bcs old key.
Then I added bcs cream fan. Resized by 10%. I used the fan as a hair clip.Add any elements that you like, have fun.
Thanks for trying my tut, and good luck,
I'd love to see your results.
Hugz, Willow

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